Why Smartlio?

Service Providing Strategy – Cooperation

The close cooperation becomes the key element in basic strategic direction of several subjects cooperation. For the possibility to offer the client the best solution no matter if it comes from a single order or as a part of a complex solution of a service provider. Such steps have been realized already and know as 4PL. But as the practical experience shows nowadays, mainly international corporations welcome such service. The rest, both trading and manufacturing companies, remains skeptical. The situation is not getting better on the side of providers or suppliers either. The fear of revealing internal secrets of how things creating a competitive advantage are done persists. In order to offer such service a team of experienced experts is needed. Preferably with a long term practice from past projects. And such are costly. Above that, there is in average a 10% success rate in all the amount of received tenders and RFQs. So it is expensive to keep a such costly team just to satisfy occasional customer demand(s).

Therefore SMARTLIO offers a service that brings a possibility to deal with complex tenders (RFQs) using “competitive collaboration” attitude. That allows to successfully reach a goal using the top providers available.

International Integration

For small companies there is a small chance to be successful with international clients. The form of globalization continues to increase and an international integration is requested not only in manufacturing but in logistics mainly. The pressure to provide better and larger amount of service at any location grows.
How small and medium size companies can deal with that? To join a cooperative union of similar companies creating a partnership offering such complex service. If a company wants to enlarge their international impact but can’t afford to finance such expansion, the way of collaborative logistic network is the solution. Such cooperation is based on information sharing or creating competitive corporations with high value complex service with reasonable costs.

In case you meet with such offer and/or demand consult SMARTLIO before you make any decision.


There might be a situation when you realize that your client is using a strange vocabulary that you might not know precisely. Like: milkrun, Value added services, consolidation processes, crosseling, WMS, RFID, ERP, etc. That would be a vocabulary of logistics. No matter if coming from purely transport side of it or warehousing one. That is the terminology of today’s logistics. Are you sure you keep your pace with it even in English or another world language? Are you participating in a tender or large RFQ and you don’t know where your head stands? Not sure of the proper documentation you need? Do you want to be sure you submit it right?

Then do not hesitate and turn to SMARTLIO. We will gladly use our long term experience to help you. We can attend on your behalf the sales meetings with full responsibility of its progress and final result. We assist with RFQ and tenders including documentation, calculations and service/solution offers.


This is a specialized expert representation of your interests done via broad scale of resources that basically avoid corruptive service barters. Lobbing is then very different from the service offered generally by non-specified elected representatives. As a representative of particular interests such a lobbyist submits information, knowledge and technical expertizes that might be useful for a final decision in the very object of intention. Professional lobbing is usually performed by consulting companies or specialized individuals.

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