Sales, Sales Team(s) & BD Outsourcing for transport/logistics companies

The owners and the managers of small and middle sized transport/logistic companies hesitate whether to have sales department and field sales or whether to provide use the operational team as a customer service instead. We can solve it. We offer outsourcing of sales and business development activities including setting up the strategy.

  • We provide all sales activities as a part of the complex service
  • We will lead your sales representatives methodically in accordance to the set strategy
  • We offer Sales department couching

Outsourcing Benefits

  • Transparent & measurable results of the investment
  • Quick wins plan for the client´s business targets
  • Clearly defined monitoring of the activities with measurable productivity
  • Professional growth enabled by the outsourcing provider


Unique Services

  • Evaluation of existing logistics productivity (Supply Chain)
  • logistics process optimization
  • Decrease of transport costs
  • Efficiency Increase of customer service
  • 1 year business plan
  • 3 year business plan (mid term strategy)

Business Planning

SMARTLIO provides consulting services, in the field of management consulting & business consulting (organizational, process and project consulting). The outputs and proposals are in accordance with the set logistic strategy based on the fundamental part: increasing profitability and your clients´ satisfaction. Only few realize that logistics brings completely new approaches into the process flow. The transportation partner is no longer only the hired provider but he becomes a part of integrated system of supply chain management.

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