Logistics Strategy

We based our professionalism on proven methodical processes & theory aspects which rules and continuity we respect. Our experienced consultants discuss with clients all steps and offers continuously during the process. That allows us to solve all immediate needs of customers rationally and with a team spirit.

Globalized production and sales brought a new impulse into understanding of logistics in the 90s of 20th century. Global view and understanding is expected mainly in international corporations feeding world markets. If such a company wants to be successful the above fact is to be fully respected mainly in the field of logistics. Do you think it doesn’t concern your company? Surprisingly, still over 75% of companies still hesitates with their logistics updates that would clearly lead to a competitive advantage. The latest public research shows a movement from saving further costs towards increasing of delivery efficiency and flexibility to quickly react on customer’s demands.

The aim of a correctly set strategy is strengthening of logistic processes in a way to offer the best support in gaining an advantage among competition. Therefore new concepts of specialized logistic activities appear. Firstly, a logistics reengineering which correct understanding leads to entire reorganization of logistic chain processes towards client’s relationship individualization. Secondly, it leads towards logistic outsourcing allowing a high specialization of activities and/or processes like onsite manufacturing, sales & business development and logistic activities within logistic corporations.

Do you ask similar questions and seek an answer?

  • How to evaluate efficiency of a logistic outsourcing?
  • Are the currently used technologies accurate or is there a need to change or innovate them?
  • Can the system of distribution be optimized? How?
  • Are the transport costs in distribution adequate enough?
  • Is the raw material stock sufficient and adequate?
  • Is the process of supplier’s management efficient?
  • What to do more to save costs in warehousing?

Our colleagues and consultants have gone that way already and we believe that we have answers to majority of the questions. The goal of SMARTLIO is to find the best fit solution to optimize the complete SUPPLY CHAIN hand in hand with its clients.

Logistics is not warehousing only. It is a strategic management of the entire supply chain.


Unique Services

  • Evaluation of existing logistics productivity (Supply Chain)
  • logistics process optimization
  • Decrease of transport costs
  • Efficiency Increase of customer service
  • 1 year business plan
  • 3 year business plan (mid term strategy)

Business Planning

SMARTLIO provides consulting services, in the field of management consulting & business consulting (organizational, process and project consulting). The outputs and proposals are in accordance with the set logistic strategy based on the fundamental part: increasing profitability and your clients´ satisfaction. Only few realize that logistics brings completely new approaches into the process flow. The transportation partner is no longer only the hired provider but he becomes a part of integrated system of supply chain management.

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