Interim Management MD+BD

We offer Interim Managers specializing in the field of transport and logistics. The Interim Management means taking over operative tasks for a limited period of time. For a pre-approved period of time, the external source manager is integrated into the functional and liable hierarchy of the company.

Such a manager might be characterized in the following way:

  • He/she disposes of excellent managing experience which is the basic condition
  • His/her business activity is limited in time
  • He/she aims to meet certain tasks or to realize a concrete project.
  • Interim manager is integrated in the company and operates on behalf of the company towards the public
  • In relation to his/her subordinates, he/she bears adequate authority
  • His/her benefits are tasks and goal related
  • The way, he/she gets paid, is goal-directed as it goes hand in hand with the exact assignment
  • The assignments are completed on the base of a predefined contract.


Unique Services

  • Evaluation of existing logistics productivity (Supply Chain)
  • logistics process optimization
  • Decrease of transport costs
  • Efficiency Increase of customer service
  • 1 year business plan
  • 3 year business plan (mid term strategy)

Business Planning

SMARTLIO provides consulting services, in the field of management consulting & business consulting (organizational, process and project consulting). The outputs and proposals are in accordance with the set logistic strategy based on the fundamental part: increasing profitability and your clients´ satisfaction. Only few realize that logistics brings completely new approaches into the process flow. The transportation partner is no longer only the hired provider but he becomes a part of integrated system of supply chain management.

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