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Sales, Sales Team(s) & BD Outsourcing for transport/logistics companies

The owners and the managers of small and middle sized transport/logistic companies hesitate whether to have sales department and field sales or whether to provide use the operational team as a customer service instead. We can solve it. We offer outsourcing of sales and business development activities including setting up the strategy.

The logistics and transport companies strategy

The strategy is often underestimated and usually left “for later”. That is a big mistake, once you realize that the fundament of strategy is to gain a competitive advantage. Each company is supposed to define a type of such advantage which they would pursuit. We are able to help to set the strategy of your company so that it could meet:

Interim Management MD+BD

We offer Interim Managers specializing in the field of transport and logistics. The Interim Management means taking over operative tasks for a limited period of time. For a pre-approved period of time, the external source manager is integrated into the functional and liable hierarchy of the company.

Logistics Strategy

We based our professionalism on proven methodical processes & theory aspects which rules and continuity we respect. Our experienced consultants discuss with clients all steps and offers continuously during the process. That allows us to solve all immediate needs of customers rationally and with a team spirit.


Unique Services

  • Evaluation of existing logistics productivity (Supply Chain)
  • logistics process optimization
  • Decrease of transport costs
  • Efficiency Increase of customer service
  • 1 year business plan
  • 3 year business plan (mid term strategy)

Business Planning

SMARTLIO provides consulting services, in the field of management consulting & business consulting (organizational, process and project consulting). The outputs and proposals are in accordance with the set logistic strategy based on the fundamental part: increasing profitability and your clients´ satisfaction. Only few realize that logistics brings completely new approaches into the process flow. The transportation partner is no longer only the hired provider but he becomes a part of integrated system of supply chain management.

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