Who is Smartlio?

SMARTLIO provides smart solutions based on the knowledge management in the field of B2B sales.

Thanks to long-standing experience of individual members of the team in logistics and transport, SMARTLIO brings to its customers beneficial results as well as the long-term strategic contributions.

Our approach brings you both higher profitability and long-term satisfaction of the customers.

With its customers, SMARTLIO focuses on the same goals: flexibility, innovative approach, strategic planning and strong result orientation.

Based on experiences from the industry, SMARTLIO offers sales team outsourcing solutions which enable customers to reduce their fixed costs while achieving higher efficiency of sales. It’s an effective combination of those who know with those who are in need. It’s done so thru communication, participation and sharing.

SMARTLIO also enables entering new markets for overseas clients within CEE (Central & Eastern Europe region). It’s fast and efficient, with minimal costs, risks and delays that could be otherwise caused by opening own offices and hiring local employees.

Knowledge management

Knowledge management  in its definition also includes a term “human activity management”. Such is based on usage of knowledge as the new productive economical source or asset.

It’s an effective combination of those who know with those who are in need. It’s done so thru communication, participation and sharing.

By managing an organization using knowledge management the matter of further efficiency increase of the company is solved. And that is often the question of its survival in today’s very dynamic and unstable market.

Knowledge management brings the ability to offer:

The right knowledge
to the right people
at the right time!

Why us?

SMARTLIO is a company of professionals with a long term experiences in area of logistics, transportation and international trading.  Using the acquired knowledge, we consider sales outsourcing, interim management and external cooperation on company’s strategy as the most efficient way leading to profit & development of the logistics and transport companies in the current constantly changing market.


Our experience

SMARTLIO uses and builds its partnership cooperation mainly on the know-how of each team member from his/her previous experiences. This includes working in large corporations as well as mid size transport-logistics companies. SMARTLIO assets is the knowledge of the logistics market in EU, experience with expansion in Eastern Europe (CEE) as well as overseas like Asia’s Far East.


How we work?

Especially thanks to specific management tools Smartlio mainly provides its customers the opportunity to create the knowledge of a higher level. The knowledge management is primarily crucial for the further sales activities.

The aim is effective connection of those who know with those in need to know.


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